Farewell to a Member of The Greatest Generation
Recently, Col. John Watters passed away at the age of 101. Not only was he part of the Greatest Generation that fought in World War II, he also had a connection to Louis Zamperini as shared in his obituary from the Omaha World-Herald:

“Watters was born Feb. 4, 1917, in Selma, Alabama, and joined the ROTC program at Auburn University. He was commissioned in 1940, into the horse-drawn artillery. But with war looming, he transferred to the Army Air Corps. He went to bombardier/navigator school with Louis Zamperini, the former Olympian who became a war hero. The two reconnected late in life, after Zamperini’s story was told in the book and movie ‘Unbroken’.”

You can read more about Col. Watters amazing life here.

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