Louis Zamperini’s Obituary

It took one amazing lifetime to live it. It took Laura Hillenbrand years to research and write about. But the day after he died in 2014, Louis Zamperini’s life was captured in a New York Times obituary. In part, it reads:

“When he returned to the United States after the war and his ordeals at sea and as a prisoner, he fell into alcoholism and nearly ended up divorced from his wife, Cynthia. They remained married, however, for a total of 54 years until her death in 2001. His survivors include a son, Luke; a daughter, Cynthia Garris; and a grandchild.
Mr. Zamperini straightened out his life, he said, after hearing a sermon preached by Billy Graham. For years afterward, he worked in commercial real estate and remained physically active into his 90s, skiing, running, mountain climbing and skateboarding. He was prominent on the lecture circuit.”

Take a few minutes and read the whole obituary. And be sure to see the rest of Louis’ unbelievable true story when UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION opens in theaters on September 14.

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